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We are leading Manufacturers and suppliers of Various Sections, Bright, Tool, Alloy Steel for Automotive & Other Engineering Applications

We do Annealing heat treatment is a combination of heating and cooling operations applied to an alloy or metal for obtaining the desired properties. Annealing for steel is a precise heat treatment of metal in which it is heated to a particular temperature and cooled down slowly to make it ductile and malleable.

Heat treatment involves the heating and cooling without changing the physical state and shape of the metal. Annealing is vital metal processing step that helps in improvement of product properties and machinability in many ways.

Heat treating processes "soften" a metal. There are several different annealing processes, we will use the "full annealing" process for steel.

Sun Bright steel industries is an Alloy & bright steel manufacturing company. The group is in Bright steel business has grown into various areas like Machining & Forging. Also our group is engaged with them in various activities like Grade Verification, Surface Crack Detection By MPI, Ultrasonic Testing For Internal Soundness, Acid Pickling etc..

Field Master is firmly dedicated to the continuance of excellence and quality as demonstrated in the rich history of its group. The company strives to maintain the highest degree of integrity in everything we do. We will treat everyone with the utmost respect and courtesy, as it is our customers and associates that make our company successful.

  1. Heat above the critical temperaturel
  2. Allow to cool slowly, use a dry cooling material (sand) or a furnace.
  3. This process reduces the internal residual stresses in the steel, "softening" the steel.

In the manufacturing process, some tool Steel products annealed so they can be machined and then Heat treated to the desired hardness.

Rounds, Hexagons, Squares, Flats, Special Profile Sections based on specific requirement

MS, EN1A, EN3B, EN8, EN8D, EN8M, EN9, EN19, EN24, EN31, EN32B, EN36C, EN41B, EN43B, EN47, EN353, IS2062, 42CRM04, HCHCR, D2, D3, H-11, H-13, CW-1, OHNS, M2, M35, M42, 2714, 1.2379, SKD-11, P20, P2O+S, P20+Ni, SCM 420, ASTM SA36, ASTM SA-105 SAE1018, SAE1020, SAE4140, SAE8620, 16MNCR5, 20MNCR5, C20, C35, C40, C45, C50, C60, CK45, 20C8, 40C8, 45C8, 55C8, C55MN75, SAE52100, S40C, S355J2G3 Spring steel carbon steel (Low/medium/High) Free cutting/ Leaded steel Alloy steel, Ball Bearing Steels, Boron Steels. Bar Peeling specifically is a machining process used to take a raw forged blank to a polished bar


Steel Bright Bars are mainly used for applications where there is a need for smooth surface, correct geometry and dimensional accuracy like for example as a raw material in CNCs, rapid machining, automotive Applications, etc. Steel Bright Bars made by us display best-in-class properties. Bright Steel Bars are processed through various types of operations such as cold drawing, peeling, grinding, turning or a combination of these processes and are available in a wide range of sizes and grades.

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